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Internet Attorney: How Much Does An Internet Law Firm Charge?

By October 12, 2009July 4th, 2010Internet Lawyer

attorney-feesThe question isn’t how much an Internet attorney charges…it is, “How much money can an Internet lawyer save you?”

If seeking qualified legal counsel prevents just one lawsuit or government investigation, chances are you’ve made an excellent return on your investment.

When you do retain Internet legal counsel to represent your Web business, the attorney fees for professional services rendered will vary. For example, some projects take a little time. Others are complex and involve a lot of time.

Where the scope of work can be defined in advance, your Internet attorney may handle a particular legal project for a flat fee. If the work is going to take an unknown amount of time because it is ongoing or open-ended, you’re likely to be charged by the hour billed in 1/10 or 1/4 hour increments.

For flat fee Internet legal work, you’ll probably have to pay in advance. For hourly work, your Internet law firm may require a retainer to bill against. This type of prepayment is done to protect your lawyer’s interest and you in the process. Because practicing law is a business, your lawyer is going to want to be paid. The longer a law firm waits to collect (just like any business), the odds of receiving payment decreases exponentially.

Because of rules of professional conduct (and it is the right thing to do), your Internet attorney will explain billing practices and procedures at the beginning of your relationship.

Mike Young, Esq.

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