internet business lawyer

Your Internet business lawyer can help you make the right moves with your company

Why should you retain an Internet business lawyer to represent your company?

When looking for legal representation for your business, understand that not all lawyers are business attorneys…and few business lawyers understand Internet legal issues sufficiently to properly advise you.
Let’s face it – if you have any type of Internet presence for your company, such as a website or social media account, you need professional legal counsel that knows ecommerce. Otherwise, you’re likely to get bad advice or overpay for good advice because you paid for the attorney to educate himself on your legal rights that an Internet business attorney would already likely know without padding out your legal bill with unnecessary research.

Where do you find the right Internet business lawyer for your company?

Who you retain to represent your company for a one-time transaction or on an ongoing basis depends a lot on the type of legal work you want done. The law has become so specialized that there are two very different kinds of Internet business attorneys you’ll want to consider.
For example, Internet business lawyer Mike Young represents companies in business transactions and helps them make sure their websites and social media are legally compliant. This is a preventive type of law practice, focusing on preventing damage before it occurs.
On the other hand, there are Internet business attorneys who focus on representing companies in lawsuits. If you are involved in a lawsuit, or like to sue others, chances are you’re going to want a business that focuses on Internet business litigation. This is a reactive type of legal practice where you’re hiring a legal gun to deal with damages after a mess has been made.
One very important thing to remember is that the skills and experience for these two types of Internet business lawyer are very different. Any attorney who claims he can represent you competently in both ecommerce litigation and transactional matters is probably overstating his competency. This often occurs when the attorney involved is afraid of losing you as a client if he doesn’t represent you (no matter how poorly) in every type of legal matter you bring to him.

So what’s your next step in getting legal help from an Internet business lawyer?

If you’re involved in a lawsuit or plan to sue, look for an ecommerce litigator with the trial experience to get the job done without bleeding you dry in the process
If you aren’t involved with a lawsuit, a good place to start would be to set up a telephone appointment with an Internet business lawyer like Attorney Mike Young to discuss your legal needs.