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Dishonest Internet Business Owners Are Disqualified

By June 21, 2011June 16th, 2013Internet Lawyer
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Every Internet law firm should have a client ethics policy

Internet Law Firm Client Honesty Policy

In order to better represent those who do business honestly, our Internet law firm’s policy is to only represent clients who agree to follow the Internet Ethics Council’s (IEC) Code of Professional Responsibility.

Whether or not a client is a member of the IEC is not as important as the commitment to follow the ethics code when selling goods and services on the Internet.

Prospective and Former Internet Law Firm Clients

In the past, our Internet law firm has declined to represent prospective clients who we knew were dishonest.

We also terminated representation of a few clients who decided to take advantage of others through unfair business practices.

Are we the moral police? Of course not.

Everyone makes mistakes. But a mistake is different than a business model based on fraud, manipulation, and deceit.

To continue advocating honesty and transparency without being hypocritical, it is time to step up and proactively ask our clients to treat their clients with dignity and respect.

Our Internet law firm chooses to represent only those who are trying to do right by their clients.

Questions About This Internet Law Firm Policy

If you have any questions about this Internet law firm policy, please feel free to contact us.

Mike Young, Esq.

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