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Internet Law News: LastPass Password Manager Hacked

By June 17, 2015May 5th, 2016Internet Lawyer

Has your password manager been hacked?

The LastPass password manager has apparently been hacked but with minimal damage according to the company.

Password management systems like LastPass and Roboform will always be prime targets for cyber-attacks.

What can you do to help minimize the risk that your sensitive data will be stolen?

1. Strengthen your master password so that it isn’t easy for a hacker to crack. Using the term “password,” your zip code, or your pet’s name as your master password isn’t going to cut it.

2. Keep your master password a secret. If you share an account with a spouse or significant other, make sure that person understands the need for secrecy too.

For more info about the LastPass hack, read the company’s June 15th security notice by Joe Siegrist.

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