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Announcing a new way to protect your website

By March 11, 2011September 9th, 2011Internet Lawyer
Internet laws book

New Internet Laws Book Business Website Owners

Internet Laws Question

Last year, I asked business website owners what they’d like to see in a book that reveals what you can do to protect yourself without paying an Internet lawyer.

The reason for this question is that many startup entrepreneurs simply cannot afford to pay an Internet lawyer thousands of dollars for legal services.

Solution – The Internet Laws Book

Based on the answers received, I wrote “Internet Laws – How to Protect Your Business Website Without A Lawyer” for you. You can find the Internet Laws book today at

Top 10 reasons you’ll want to read this Internet Laws book.

You will learn…

1. The single most important thing you can do to protect yourself online.

2. How to avoid getting sued or arrested because of your website.

3. The one mistake even experienced Internet business owners make.

4. How to protect yourself against your own web designer.

5. The correct way to protect your copyrights and trademarks.

6. How to tell if your client testimonials and endorsements break the law.

7. The single most important thing you can do to run your business with peace of mind.

8. How to quickly spot and prevent online business legal problems.

9. Secrets to “ethically rigging” your Internet advertising.

10. The number one rule that absolutely must be observed if you want to keep what you earn.
…and much more.

Get your copy of the Internet Laws book from today.

To your online success!

-Mike the Internet Laws book author

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

Mike Young has been practicing business and technology law since 1994 and is an angel investor in startups. He's been an entrepreneur since 1988. To get legal help from Attorney Young, click here now or call 214-546-4247 to schedule a phone consultation.

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