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Internet Marketer Murders Wife

Internet marketer Ellery Bennett tried to get rich online. When the house of cards collapsed, he murdered his wife (Lisa Bennett). There’s a 10-year-old daughter who no longer has a mother and whose father will be heading to prison for a very long time. That’s a hell of a price to pay.

What went wrong?

Did Bennett not give it his total commitment? He quit the lucrative business of pharmaceutical sales to pursue his dream as a stay-at-home entrepreneur. He racked up nearly $600,000 in debt pursuing his dream, and his wife filed for divorce this month after (because of?) all the sacrifices made. How much more could you ask from him?

Did he not believe in The Secret? Bennett marketed himself as an expert in personal growth and the Law of Attraction.

You can Escape The Rat Race if you BELIEVE  in yourself, you are serious about taking your life to another level, you are motivated, you have leadership skills and you have what it takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur. – Ellery Bennett

Maybe Bennett didn’t do enough social media like the Internet gurus recommend?

Actually, Ellery Bennett was active in social media. In addition to his blog, he had:

Like others in Internet marketing, Ellery Bennett made the major mistake of believing he could fake it until he made it. As the hole got deeper, he had to choose whether to keep digging or stop.

There is more to life than online business success. As you look at Ellery Bennett’s videos and websites, you get a picture of someone who wanted nothing more than the freedom to stay at home and spend time with his wife and daughter. But in chasing the dream, it cost him everything.

Bennett should have stayed working in pharmaceutical sales or some other job with a steady income until he had built up an online business that could support himself and his family. It wasn’t a lack of belief that caused this horrible chain of events to occur. It was the wrong belief…that if you wanted something bad enough, there was a law of attraction that would guarantee you would receive the results you desired.

To your online success! (or better yet, to a happy life in the present)


P.S. If the Internet gurus who sold Ellery Bennett on how to get rich online had an ounce of decency, they’d take the money he invested in their flopportunities and give the money to Bennett’s 10-year-old daughter. She’s going to need alot of psychological and financial support in the coming years.

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