Internet Informant: White House Wants You To Be A Government Snitch

informantIf you oppose government-run health care in an e-mail or on a website, the U.S. government wants to know it.

When your cyber-friends discover that you ratted them out, will you be able to enter the Witness Protection Program? Or will it be a moot point because those you snitched on get sent to re-education camps? Ridiculous? Not if the most powerful man in the United States is asking people internet-privacyto do their patriotic duty by reporting dissidents. This is a program that the governments in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela would be proud of…Of course, they already use the informant system to identify and hunt down dissidents.

This is not about health care. It is a First Amendment free speech issue. If you cannot disagree with the President of the United States in an e-mail or in a forum without being reported to the government for it, then the Bill of Rights means nothing. And if you agree with the President on healthcare, what happens on the next issue that you happen to disagree with him?

Anyone who wants to report this post should e-mail [email protected].

Just remember…you could be next. And if you’re ‘lucky,’ you’ll get listed in the Who’s a Rat database.

Hat tip: Red State

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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