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internet startup lawyerWhen you own a new tech venture, you need an experienced Internet startup lawyer to help you grow your company quickly while minimizing the risk you’ll get sued, become the target of a government investigation, or get screwed over by investors. It’s hard to take a company public or get bought out for a big payday if the value of your startup is uncertain because of pending or actual litigation.

A common mistake made by startups is to hire an inexperienced lawyer to work as an employee in exchange for equity and a small salary. The reason why this usually turns out badly is the attorney doesn’t know what he’s doing. This means you’re paying for his mistakes while getting an on-the-job education.

Just because a newbie lawyer is tech savvy and is active in social media doesn’t mean the attorney knows enough ecommerce law to competently represent your business.

At some point, your Internet startup may be able to afford to pay full-time experienced in-house legal counsel as your employees. Until then, it probably makes financial sense to get legal advice as-needed from an Internet attorney who understands both business in general and ecommerce in particular.

Internet Lawyer Mike Young can prepare the right contracts and other legal documents to protect your company so that you can focus on expansion. And when you’re dealing with venture capitalists or an angel investor, you’ll want someone like Mike to help you get a good deal that doesn’t trade away too much equity or control in the process.

Most professional legal services can be performed on a flat-fee basis so you can properly budget for it as part of your growth. You can check out Mike’s Schedule of Estimated Legal Fees to get an idea of what you’ll invest in protecting your startup.

So how do you get started? Set up a telephone appointment with Mike. Once you’ve booked the appointment, he’ll call you at the time you selected.