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JK Rowling Adult Novel Will Leak to Kids via Internet Piracy

Now that Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, has announced a deal for her first adult novel, you can expect children to want to get their hands on the book too. And Internet piracy will make sure that your kids will be able to read the new JK Rowling adult novel if they want to.
As we saw with Harry Potter books, it was possible for pirated copies to show up online via peer-to-peer (P2P) services even before the books were released for public sale. You can expect the same copyright infringement to happen when the JK Rowling adult novel gets published.
How do you protect your children from reading adult novels by JK Rowling and other authors?
1. Remind your kids that obtaining pirated copies of any book is against the law in addition to being wrong from an ethical standpoint.
2. Monitor what your children do when they’re on the Internet. If you can’t watch in person, be sure to use parental monitoring software that reduces the chances your kids will be using the Internet to view unsuitable content.
3. Tell your kids that you will review the new JK Rowling adult novel when it becomes available. If you think the novel is suitable for them to read, you will buy them a copy so they aren’t tempted to steal it off of the Internet.

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