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Julius Genachowski: FCC Chairman Mao Jumps The Shark

By November 19, 2010November 8th, 2011Internet Lawyer

Julius Genachowski fccWho is FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski?

Julius Genachowski is a piece of work. The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), he ignores the U.S. Constitution in his quest to impose unwanted Net Neutrality rules on the Internet. He’s like every sidekick you see working for Third World dictators trying to control the masses by force, against the rule of law, and contrary to the popular will of the people.

Here’s why guys like Genachowski don’t belong in any position of power.

Court And The Electorate Oppose Julius Genachowski

Genachowski’s FCC has already been slapped down in court on this issue, i.e. specifically told that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the authority to impose Net Neutrality. If Congress had wanted to give the FCC the authority to regulate the Internet, it would have done so in a L-A-W. So why is Julius Genachowski trying to yet again impose Net Neutrality by FCC regulation?

To make things clearer from an electoral front, all 95 congressional candidates who supported Net Neutrality this fall (by signing a pledge to implement it) were defeated on November 2nd. When all politicians who run on the issue lose, it’s a safe bet that Net Neutrality is about as popular as listening to President Hopey Dopey Changey explain for the four billionth time why the American people are too stupid to understand his brilliance.

Speaking of President Dopey, FCC Chairman Genachowski is also a lawyer who worked with Dopey on Harvard Law Review while they were in school together. Were they too busy rolling blunts to make it to the Constitutional Law classes that explained how the President’s henchmen don’t have the constitutional authority to bypass the legislative and judicial branches to rule by regulatory fiat?

What’s Julius Genachowski trying to achieve?

  • Is he trying to get a Net Neutrality Czar appointment from his boss?
  • Is he trying to stage a cyber coup?
  • Is he kissing up to the New York Times and the D.C. cocktail circuit so that he can get warm press reviews and invitations to wine-and-brie parties?
  • Is he hoping for a federal judicial nomination so he can wreak havoc for decades shredding the Constitution while wearing a black robe?
  • Is he simply doing this as a crass political favor to pay off the pro-Net Neutrality guys who funded Dopey’s presidential campaign?

Whatever the reason, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is unfit to serve in public office. His illegal attempts to regulate the Internet during a lame duck session of Congress should lead to some interesting times on Capitol Hill when U.S. House of Representatives convenes next year. Unfortunately, we’ll still be dealing with yet another unconstitutional usurpation of power by a public official who has jumped the shark.

Julius Genachowski Opposes The Rule of Law

How much power is to be granted before arrest warrants get issued?

  • Bank takeovers
  • Auto company takeovers
  • Healthcare nationalization
  • Unaccountable/unelected czars
  • Net Neutrality

Either the rule of law applies in this country or it does not. If you want Net Neutrality, Congress is the place to start. Sadly, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is one of those guys who thinks the rules don’t apply him and the law is what he and his cronies dictate to the rest of us.

On the “bright” side, if FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gets his way in controlling the Internet, ultimately he will be able to get this blog shut down as subversive.

Mike Young, Esq.

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