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Kate Middleton Topless Photos and Internet Privacy

topless photo example - not kate middleton

If you're famous and run around topless in a bikini, don't expect Internet privacy.

Like Prince Harry and his naked Las Vegas romp, Kate Middleton is learning that being part of the British royal family means that when you display the family jewels, there’s going to be paparazzi around somewhere trying to take photos of them.

The latest in the saga that has Europhiles snickering about nudity and prudishness is a French court order — a pyrrhic victory — that says the Duchess gets to take possession of the topless photos and the French magazine that published them can be liable for a whole lot of euros (€) for publishing or otherwise distributing them.

It’s fair to say that similar court orders will be sought on behalf of Kate Middleton against Italian and Irish publications to limit the now-worldwide exposure of her breasts.

Thanks to the Internet, that genie is out of the bottle and nothing is going to cover them up again. Prince William’s lawyers can play whack-a-mole online 24/7 with lawsuits and cease-and-desist demands but there will be topless photos of Kate Middleton circulating on the Internet for the virtual Peeping Toms wanting a peek at the latest Lady Godiva.

Now the British royal family has been brought into the 21st Century of the de facto nonexistence of Internet privacy. It’s the hard lesson learned by millions that topless photos and naked videos can and will surface on the Internet whether or not you want them too. If Kate Middleton didn’t want her assets displayed to the public, perhaps she should have worn a burqini instead of half a bikini.

Mike Young, Esq.

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