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Meetup Deception – Bible-Thumping Idiot Ruins Business Networking Meeting

Yesterday, I attended a networking function. It is one of the ways that I keep a pulse on what local entrepreneurs are doing both on the Internet and offline. The group’s description makes it clear that the group is for learning how to market your business through effective public relations. The particular meeting was described as a tribute to the speaker, a retiring local media personality.
Did the speaker share PR and marketing wisdom? Nope.

Ignoring the purpose of the group, he gave a sermon. With Bible in hand, he interpreted the lives of characters within it to hold certain characteristics. Nothing like going to a business function and being lectured on the sexual abstinence habits of Jesus’ stepfather.

Men in the audience were told to emulate those characteristics. Women were told to encourage men to do so.

Appalling doesn’t begin to describe it.

It isn’t a matter of religious belief. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or the Great Green Arkleseizure, using your invitation to speak at a business function to hijack it for proselytizing is simply unacceptable behavior.
The speaker owes a big apology to the meeting’s organizers and to those who attended.

Lesson for your business? In your marketing efforts, don’t lie or intentionally mislead.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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