How to Protect Your Membership Website

membership website agreementWhen you run a membership website, you have put a lot of time, money, and energy into building a dynamic site that requires valuable content to succeed.

Successful paid membership sites frequently include unique videos, audios, eBooks, PDF special reports, member forums, and other intellectual property that you want to protect if you own the website.

Unfortunately, there are people who will sign up for a membership site, scrape its content, cancel their membership…and may even ask for a refund. You put in the effort but they “borrowed” your content to sell or give away to others.

Because so much on the Internet is free, most people who misuse content from paid membership websites don’t realize they’re actually stealing intellectual property.

So how do your protect your intellectual property on a membership site?

1. Have your Internet attorney register your copyrights and trademarks for the site so that you have some powerful legal tools at your disposal in case someone pirates your membership website content.

2. Your Internet business lawyer can draft a membership website agreement that new clients read and agree to as part signing up to become members. This agreement tells new members what they can do and not do with content from the members’ area of your site.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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