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Mental Midgets Revive Net Neutrality From The Dead

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, et al. still wage their “net neutrality” campaigns.

Level the playing field with equal access to prevent multi-tiered Internet…or just a means to preserve the market share of the big boys at the expense of small businesses?

Regardless of the position one takes on net neutrality, having elected representatives with a collective room temperature IQ attempt to legislate anything to do with the Internet is a scary proposition.

On the federal level, Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Ed Markey are pushing the latest legislation. From what I understand, lobbying efforts are underway to pass state net neutrality laws in places like Michigan. The apparent goal is to get a bunch of conflicting state laws that “requires” Congress to intervene and pass some monstrosity on the federal level.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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