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My Treadmill Desk And Why I Got It

By March 29, 2007March 31st, 2007Internet Lawyer

Today marks the 89th birthday of my grandfather…had he lived. In 1984 on this day, he suffered a fatal stroke on his 66th birthday. Family history suggests that lifestyle more than genes was the culprit.

Practicing law is a high stress job that leads down the same path to premature death unless something is done to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and many excuses why a client or other matter should take precedence over exercise.

Fortunately, Sharon Odom Fling provided me with the solution when I met her on a flight to an Internet conference last month: the treadmill desk.

I ordered the same model that she has (Smooth Fitness 5.25), had a board cut at Lowes to serve as a desk, put the laptop on it, and have been having a blast exercising while working.

Here’s a picture of mine.

treadmill desk

Does this ensure longevity? Of course not.

But it does increase my chances of living a long life…and a healthy one at that.

If you’re tired of being a couch potato, get yourself a treadmill desk.

For more information on why it works from a medical standpoint, check out this article about Dr. James Levine at the Mayo Clinic.

Mike Young, Esq.

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