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Outsourcing: Do Your Independent Contractors Get Paid Like Today’s James Bond?

By April 8, 2010June 19th, 2010Internet Lawyer

With a license to kill, a hit team took out a Hamas terrorist leader while he was staying at a Dubai hotel. If he were alive today, Ian Fleming would probably have considered the hit as a plot for one of his James Bond novels.

As the hunt continues for the those who carried out the hit, it appears that the majority of the agents involved used Payoneer pre-paid credit cards.

I’ll confess. When outsourcing, I use and have recommended Payoneer for paying overseas independent contractors. They are a good solution for compensating those who do work for you when you can’t get the funds sent via PayPal.

However, like PayPal, Payoneer undoubtedly faces scrutiny because of the potential for abuse for money laundering, tax fraud, financing terrorism, and other illegal activities.

That being said, both companies are useful tools to have in your oursourcing arsenal. You can use them for good or bad purposes.

And if you’re using them to pay your independent contractors abroad, be sure you’ve got documentation on file regarding identity, etc. that will reduce the likelihood of spending time dealing with either the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of Homeland Security.

When in doubt, make an outsourcing paper trail showing what you’re doing is legal.

Outsourcing is just one of the many important issues covered in “Internet Marketing Legal Secrets Revealed,” my book that’s currently offered as a bonus for those who invest in Website Legal Forms Generator software.

Mike Young, Esq.

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