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Internet Lawyer: How to Pwn Your Own LeBron James

outsourcing bballWhile the media buzzes about how much LeBron James is going to make with his next NBA contract, the dirty little secret is how every pro basketball player gets the short end of the stick.

Did you know that the average NBA career lasts just five years? So if you’ve busted your hump on the court, and become one of the best, you’re only spending a few years as an adult doing what you love. You’re trading time for dollars and hope you don’t get injured or caught in a scandal that ends your career early.

The long-term money isn’t made trying to become the next LeBron. Look at who really wins. The guy who owns the team.

LeBron’s employer might be able to dribble a basketball but certainly can’t dunk it. But the employer doesn’t need to because there are millions of kids just waiting to apply to do that for him on the court.

Think about what this means in your Internet business.

There are skill sets that you don’t have that you need to win…but you can bring them on board, with the help of your Internet lawyer, by outsourcing to a freelancer who has the skills. You pay for the skills and profit from them. The freelancer sells irreplaceable time that puts more money in your pocket.

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-Mike the Internet Lawyer

P.S. You only win when your contracts are tilted in your favor. The NBA does this with their player contracts. You can do the same with your outsourcing contracts. Learn more now at

Mike Young, Esq.

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