Download Perry Belcher Criminal Records

perry-belcher-criminal-recordsHere’s a PDF copy of Internet marketer Perry Belcher’s criminal records (without comment by me as an Internet attorney).

It includes:

1. The Criminal Information describing Perry Belcher’s crimes.

2. Perry’s guilty plea and the court order for it.

3. Belcher’s probation order and the special conditions placed on his probation.

To protect Belcher’s privacy, I redacted his street address and telephone number. Otherwise, the documents are intact.

I will not comment on the criminal records as an Internet attorney or otherwise. You can decide for yourself what happened and whether or not Perry Belcher has complied with the terms of his probation.

However,  a final thought…and a warning.

Perry Belcher’s “partner” reached out to a group of major Internet marketers asking for help to shut me (and others) up on this issue.  Pressure was applied by certain group members (who may have been acting on their own) to encourage termination of representation by me as Internet attorney for certain clients or to engage in unethical conduct that would trap me into silence.

I will continue to zealously represent those members who are existing clients as their Internet attorney if they want but I will not be silenced by threats to my personal safety or my law practice because of Perry Belcher or any other reason.

Please note that the last person who tried this type of intimidation was indicted by the U.S. federal government, now has a criminal record, and owes the IRS about $750,000 in back taxes. If the personal threats and business interference continues, expect a similar response. Picking a fight with an Internet attorney borders on business suicide.

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Author Mike Young, Esq.

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