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Perry Belcher Returns?

By January 28, 2010May 5th, 2016Internet Lawyer

Whether you’re an Internet attorney or not, you probably noted that Perry Belcher ‘retired’ from Internet marketing training in October 2009. You can read about it at Perry Belcher: Checkmate.

Despite a massive Twitter info product launch and Twitter followers allegedly exceeding 100,000, Belcher deleted just about everything as part of his “retirement.” Blog posts and most followers simply disappeared.

Rather than take a covert role working with his partner as the front man, Perry appears to be recreating his public image again.

Here are some handy links to keep track of what Perry Belcher is up to these days.

As I wrote in October 2008, “The post was not an attack on Belcher but rather a warning to all Internet marketers about the type of behavior that draws unwanted attention from the government.”

The same holds true for this post.

Watch what he does and says.

If Perry Belcher re-assumes “guru” status or starts speaking from the stage again, you’ll know the retirement is over. At that point, there will probably be more than an Internet attorney or two watching what he does. Regardless, it will make an excellent case study of the do’s and don’ts of Internet marketing.

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Mike Young, Esq.

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