5 Warning Signs You’re Using The Wrong Website Legal Documents

Error #2 – Assuming That Website Legal Documents Are All The Same

Website legal documents vary depending upon the types of products and services that are being sold, your refund policy, and whether you either run an affiliate program or are acting as an affiliate for someone else’s program (e.g. Amazon’s Associates program).

In other words, the nice looking legalese that protects someone else’s site may not protect you at all.

Error #3 – Drafting Your Own Website Legal Documents

Unless you’re an experienced Internet business lawyer, drafting your own site’s website legal documents from scratch is a very bad idea because you don’t know all of the legal dangers you need to protect against or even how to write the language to do so. And if you “borrow” sections of different sites’ privacy policies, etc., you could be on the hook for infringement from multiple copyright owners.

There are some website owners who try unsuccessfully to use a thesaurus or spinner software to re-write legalese so the copyright owner(s) don’t know their work is being infringed upon. This rarely works because, even if the intellectual property owners don’t discover the infringement, the changes in the wording weaken or destroy the protections offered by the original documents…

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