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Reputation Management Online: Restaurant Owner Response to Customer Reviews Backfires

By September 11, 2012Internet Lawyer

There are many effective ways to manage your company’s reputation on the Internet. However, your reputation management activities should not include the mistakes made by a Canadian restaurant owner who because upset about negative client reviews posted online.

To retaliate, the restaurant owner set up a fake profile for her client on a sex-oriented website and sent out inappropriate related emails.

Now, the owner has been found guilty of criminal libel. This means she’s got massive legal problems in addition a reputation issue that’s far worse than if she had simply used legitimate reputation management SEO strategies and tactics.

If you’re upset about client reviews for your business on the Internet, consult with your Internet lawyer to map out a game plan to minimize the damage caused without incurring legal liability or further damaging your online reputation. Your Internet attorney can work with you and a legitimate SEO company to help repair your reputation.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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