Salesforce Consultant Agreements: Should You Use Email Messages As a Contract?

Salesforce Consultant AgreementsAre you a Salesforce consultant or run a business that retains them? Informal email Salesforce consultant agreements are risky to use.

Now there’s a tendency to be casual if it’s a short-term simple project. But sealing the deal in an email message without a written contract is a recipe for disaster.

  • Because it’s unlikely the email will cover the scope of work or exclusions from it.
  • Plus the emails may create an employer-employee relationship instead of independent contractor.
  • And who owns intellectual property (IP) created during the consultancy? Will the IP is being licensed?

These are a few of the dangers. There are many more … particularly if it’s an ongoing consultancy for a long-term or several Salesforce projects.

Of course, if you need a Salesforce consulting agreement, it makes sense to have a contracts attorney prepare it. Set up a phone consultation with Business Contracts Lawyer Mike Young to discuss your needs.

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