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Scorned Girlfriend Used Internet to Try to Break Up Ex-Boyfriend’s Marriage

A Connecticut woman has been arrested because of the Internet tactics she used to try to break up the marriage of a guy she dated back in 1999. The woman posted fake profiles of the man’s wife on adult website, including a picture and phone numbers. Fortunately, the ex-boyfriend was tech savvy and was able to track down the culprit.

Unfortunately, Internet laws are outdated for this type of thing. With no cyberstalking law to apply, she’s been charged with harrassment and breach of the peace.

This type of outrageous conduct is too common these days. I’ve seen cases where cyberstalking and harrassment has occurred more than a decade after the relationship has ended.

Not content to stalk, some even resort to spyware. Don’t let the stiff penalties mentioned in the press release about the indictment fool you. Of those caught, the punishment was minimal.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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