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Books for Website Owners – October 22, 2015

Title: How to Sell an Internet Business (10-Minute Legal Guide Series)

Author: Mike Young, Esq.

Reason to Read:

As explained in the book, you can protect yourself when selling your Internet business by following a few simple steps. This guide helps you create a road map for maximizing your profit while reducing your risks when you sell a privately held Internet business. One of the 10-Minute Legal Guide series, you’ll be able to read the key parts of the book in about 10 minutes and know what it takes to quickly sell an Internet company the right way.

Key Quote:

“Determining the true value of your company is an art. As a privately held company, there isn’t a public market of traded shares to look at for even guesstimating what your business is worth. What you consider important about your venture may be very different than the primary reason a prospective purchaser wants to own your business.”

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

Mike Young has been practicing business and technology law since 1994 and is an angel investor in startups. He's been an entrepreneur since 1988. To get legal help from Attorney Young, click here now or call 214-546-4247 to schedule a phone consultation.

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