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Senate Cybersecurity Act S. 3414 Is Bad Legislation

A good rule of thumb is that any bill promoted as “bipartisan” is bad for ordinary Americans and good for the jerks who sponsor it. The current cyber security bill pending in the U.S. Senate (S. 3414) is no exception to that rule despite claims that it will protect critical U.S. infrastructure from cyber attack.
This Cybersecurity Act is really about censorship, spying on Internet users (adios to remaining privacy), and further anti-business regulatory control of cyberspace in the interest of “Homeland Security.” When you think of those two words, picture the no-talent high school dropout working for TSA who molests your kid and gropes your grandmother at the airport while turning a blind eye to the burqa-clad people (gender unidentifiable) boarding planes.
If you want further evidence that this bill has little to do with Internet security, consider that a key proposed amendment to it by Senator Upchuck Schumer (Dimwit – New York) consists of a gun control measure. Yes, somehow gutting the Second Amendment is essential to cyber security. At least in alternative-reality Washington D.C.
If the cyber security bill is passed in the Senate, one can only hope that the House rejects it for the bad piece of legislation that it is.
And when November rolls around, vote against every member of Congress who supported the cyber security bill regardless of political party. Because bipartisanship isn’t a justification for stupidity or bad legislation.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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