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Facebook Flame War Goes Nuclear

By October 28, 2010Website Lawyer

social media policyTwo women who didn’t get along took their fight to social media. Neither of them consulted with a Web lawyer before taking their dispute online.

One has now been arrested and sued for allegedly hacking the other’s Facebook account to post “I am the one that’s been the lying trash!!!” and “I am the trash. Sorry to be such a disappointment.”

Now imagine one of these women worked for you as an employee or freelancer.

Would you want your name associated in social media with either one of them? What type of liability would you have if your computer equipment was used to hack someone’s Facebook account or write nasty messages about other people in social media?

Although you can’t control 24/7 those who work for you, you can limit what they say about you in order to protect your reputation. Talk with your Web lawyer about putting in place a social media policy that reduces the risk you’ll be getting a call from a reporter asking you to comment on something stupid your worker posted on Facebook.

To your online success!

-Mike the Web lawyer

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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