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Star Simpson – Smart But No Common Sense

By September 21, 2007September 24th, 2007Uncategorized

For decades, former President Jimmy Carter has been THE living example of the difference between intelligence and common sense. Carter can rest easy now into golden senility because there’s a new shining example.

Star Simpson.

Who is she?

Ms. Simpson, an MIT student, was arrested for wearing a fake bomb to Logan International Airport.

Her defense? It was “art.”

Remember where a couple of those 9/11 planes took off from?

“She’s lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue” – State Police Maj. Scott Pare.

Unfortunately, Simpson has been released on bail.

Let Simpson spend the rest of her life being the subject of scorn and ridicule…not booked on Oprah or The View.

And if Simpson becomes a celebrity admired for her misconduct, our idiocracy deserves to lose to the jihadists.

I’m all for free speech. I like art. But the U.S. Constitution is not a suicide pact.

If Simpson had worn that device in a Texas airport, I’m pretty sure the “performance art” response by law enforcement would have been to shoot her.

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