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How celebrities can hurt your website

By Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Lawyer

If this were a movie prequel, it would be called “Ocean’s 2.”
Co-stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts are suing companies that have been using their photos without permission online in ads to promote the companies’ business.
When it comes to actors, singers, and other celebrities (even “reality” show “stars”), you can land in hot water by using their photos to promote your business unless you’ve got written permission to do so.
Heck, you can’t even imply endorsement. For example, The Oprah reportedly has packs of lawyers hunting down website owners who claim she’s endorsed their products.
As explained in my book, “How to Protect Your Business Website Without a Lawyer” (, intellectual property laws do apply online despite the claims of some fools that photos you find by searching Google are free for the taking.
Even small business website owners screw this one up. For example, there’s a local shop that sends out a daily special to its email list that contains a celebrity birthday of the day. Treading into dangerous territory there because the business isn’t making it clear the celebrities are not endorsing the business. Where the emails cross the line is the business also includes a photo of each celebrity that the company has no right to use.
If you need a celebrity for promoting your business online, there are plenty of C-list actors who are available for chump change. Most people recognize who they are but they haven’t been A-list in years. Even so, whatever deal you work out with them needs to be in writing.

How To Find An Internet Lawyer That’s Right For Your Business

By Internet Lawyer

What is an internet lawyer?

An internet lawyer is the closest thing business website owners find to a colleague. Whether you own a sole proprietorship or other entity, you need representation by your website lawyer.

What does an internet attorney do?

A skilled internet lawyer focuses on more than the basics to make sure business website owners have the right legal documents in place from website legal documents to e-commerce contracts. your website lawyer is going to reveal a course of action, based upon your information, to protect you as an business website owner.

How do you choose a Web lawyer today?

You probably should choose an internet lawyer who not only understands what you do online but is also a business website owner too. In other words, your website lawyer is a business website owner and also knows Internet business law.

Before you choose your website lawyer, you should check out if he knows how ecommerce works plus applicable law, i.e. a great deal of experience and knows more than just the basics.

Of course, if your website lawyer doesn’t know the basics of Federal Trade Commission law that affect the Internet and doesnt know about spam laws, Internet sales taxes, online privacy, etc., you should keep hunting until you find an internet lawyer who is trained in these issues.

You should also choose an internet lawyer who has the wisdom and connections to get you a recommendation for a good your website lawyer who handles lawsuits if you end up in court.

Think twice if your website lawyer doesn’t litigate but pretends to have the experience or expertise to handle lawsuits simply to keep you as a client. The same is true when your website lawyer with only trial experience pretends to specialize in transactional law. They are very different kinds of experience dealing with different issues under relevant law. So be sure to pick the type of Internet lawyer that matches your needs.