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deadly legal mistakes

Internet Attorney: 3 Ways You Can Fail Online

By Internet Lawyer

Internet attorney make money onlineHad an email the other day asking me in my experience as an Internet attorney if I was able to identify systems that actually worked to make money online. Part of my response included three surefire ways to fail with an Internet business.

Mistake #1. Trying to sell “how to get rich” business opportunities. There are too many scam artists fishing this same pond plus the government is cracking down on false claims. Even those who have a proven system became successful in some other niche before piking biz opps.

Mistake #2. Going into a “hot” niche rather than focusing on niches where you already know something. For example, all of my products and services sold are law-related because I’m an Internet attorney. I would not do well selling golf products because I nearly broke the window on my SUV in the parking lot the last time I teed off.

Mistake #3. Buying a product and assuming the purchase itself without doing work will generate money. Sales letters often make it seem that is possible but every person who has been successful online put plenty of sweat equity into their business on the front end.

Find a system that works for you and apply it to a niche that you know something about that is profitable, i.e. there is a hungry market for that niche.

To your success,

-Mike the Internet attorney

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Internet Attorney: Saying FU to the Judge

By Internet Lawyer

Imagine you got in trouble with the law but were given probation if you went through counseling.

Would you take advantage of the counseling as a second chance or ditch it because you’re smarter than the judge who cut you
some slack? Lindsay Lohan made the second choice, then showed up in court with “f**k u” painted on her middle finger of a hand that she
kept pointing at the judge.

The payoff? 90 days in jail for the supertramp. You don’t have to be an Internet attorney to understand how stupid that choice was.

However, Internet marketing gurus you know are doing the same thing right now to the government. Their websites are promising health and wealth if you just buy their products.

What you’re not seeing is behind-the-scenes scurrying as lawsuits get filed, merchant accounts get canceled, etc. They flipped the finger and now some are paying the consequences. When you tick off enough government agencies or angry clients, there isn’t much an Internet attorney can do to protect you after-the-fact.

You know what the right thing is to do. You know what makes you sleep easy at night with peace of mind. Do it.

To your long-term success,

-Mike the Internet attorney

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Free Special Report For Business Owners

By Internet Lawyer

I’ve created a special report called “7 Deadly Legal Mistakes Made By Business Owners And How You Can Avoid Them.” Whether you’re doing business as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship, you’re going to want to read this report. It could save your company and your personal assets too.

The report is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and takes about 15 minutes for you to read. You can download your copy by clicking the link above or the “Download” button.