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digital rights management

Amazon Competes With Apple iTunes – Sells DRM-Free Song MP3s

By Internet Lawyer has announced that it is taking on Apple iTunes by selling mp3s without the digital rights management (DRM) designed to prevent you from transferring mp3s freely between devices. Kudos to Amazon for acknowledging what consumers want and giving it to them. Apple is too much in bed with RIAA on copyright infringement issues to take a leap of faith and let consumers use music they purchase as they see fit. Apple will either adapt or get punished by the marketplace.

Hat tip to Joshua Chaffin and Aline van Duyn at

Microsoft Commits Suicide With Windows Vista?

By Internet Lawyer

Dr. Peter Gutmann claims that MS Vista’s content protection scheme is the longest suicide note in history.

Perhaps an overstatement but Gutmann’s analysis of the OS digital rights management (DRM) does make a persuasive case that Vista is to Microsoft what the Edsel was to Ford…something no one wants…particularly with the draconian anti-piracy measures.

Lawsuits, hackers, and bad publicity will cause Microsoft to back down. Until then, I’ll enjoy my XP — or maybe jump to Linux.
Hat tip to Andrew Thomas at The Inquirer.