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How Internet Lawyer Mike Young Can Help You Buy an Internet Business

By Internet Lawyer
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Internet Lawyer Mike Young can help you buy an e-commerce company

Internet Lawyer Mike Young, the author of “How to Buy an Internet Business,” helps clients achieve their goals by (1) ensuring that the deal reflects what they want, (2) and protects them from existing and potential risks associated with purchasing an ecommerce company.

How does Mike help clients achieve their goals when buying an Internet business?

Create an Acquisition Blueprint

First, Mike provides a telephone appointment where a game plan is mapped out. Whether you’re still looking for a company to purchase, or have found an e-business you’re ready to buy, your phone consultation is a great way to create a blueprint for putting together the deal.

Prepare Letter of Intent

If you’re ready to make an offer, Mike can prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI) for you to submit to the seller that provides you with numerous protections, including the ability to walk away if you discover information that makes the potential deal unattractive to you.

Perform Due Diligence

Some clients ask Mike to be part of the due diligence process.

He will examine a prospective acquisition to determine whether there are legal issues that need to be resolved. This can include a Professional Website Legal Diagnostic to identify legal dangers that exist on a seller’s website.

Close the Deal

When you’re ready to move forward with closing the deal by purchasing an Internet company, Mike can prepare the legal documents you’ll need for closing. In some cases, he handles the closing so that the purchase can go smoothly.

Get Started Now

How do you get Mike to help you buy an Internet business?

The first step is for you to set up a telephone consultation with Mike using the law firm’s online booking system.

Buy or Sell an Internet Business

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buy or sell internet business

When you’re ready to buy or sell an Internet business, an Internet lawyer plays a key role in making the deal go smoothly.

Are you looking to sell an Internet business or to buy one? Did you know that when an Internet business is bought or sold, the seller and the buyer struggle to legally protect themselves?

What Internet Lawyer Mike Young does is map out a game plan for the deal and prepares the right legal documents so that his client is protected and the sale of the Internet business gets done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you’re buying or selling an Internet business* with a price tag that’s at least $100,000, it’s time to talk with Mike about getting your deal done right and with peace of mind.

*Please note that Mike will not handle business sales or purchases involving publicly traded companies, pornography, multilevel/network marketing, and/or alternative “cures” for medical problems.