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Website Attorney: Are you hiding 18 monkeys in your business?

By Internet Lawyer

Website attorney monkeyThere’s a guy who just got busted at the Mexico City airport trying to smuggle into the country 18 monkeys he had stuffed into socks and wrapped around his waist. Unfortunately, 2 of the monkeys were already dead before they caught the jerk.

Why did he do it?

Greed. There’s a huge black market of people who are willing to pay a lot to keep them as pets.

Unfortunately, as a Website attorney, I see greedy Internet marketers who continue to hide forced continuity programs in a way that would make a monkey smuggler blush. There’s a good deal offered on a product or service. However, the fine print (sometimes in tiny gray or white letters at the bottom of the page) says that ordering automatically enrolls you in an expensive monthly program.

You can make a decent living online without resorting to monkey business. When in doubt, fully disclose the terms of your offer, including continuity programs. If they deliver value, your market will buy.

To your online success!

-Mike the Website attorney

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Internet Lawyer: Jinky and the Frozen Fischer

By Internet Lawyer

Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer was a weird duck until he kicked the bucket two years ago and was buried in Iceland. But they just dug Fischer’s frozen corpse up for DNA testing. Even to an Internet lawyer like me, that’s just damn strange.

Why the DNA test?

There’s a Filipino woman who claims that Fischer engaged in some hanky panky with her and now there’s a daughter named Jinky.

Because Fischer didn’t leave a will, Jinky stands to inherit his estate if the DNA tests prove Fischer was her dad.

Fischer could have prevented this simply by putting the right legal documents in place before he died. Instead, he didn’t get to rest in peace.

Best wishes,

-Mike the Internet Lawyer

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