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texas boxing gym

How To Set Up A Texas Boxing Gym

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

texas boxing gymWhen you want to set up a Texas boxing gym, there are certain things that you need to do. Because the first rule of a Texas fight club is to obey the law so you can stay in business.

To begin, it makes sense to form a business entity as a personal liability shield.  The most common are a Texas limited liability company (LLC) or a Texas corporation.

In addition, for your Texas boxing club, you will want to be sure that you have adequate liability insurance. This serves as an additional shield beyond that provided by your corporation or LLC.

Of course, consult with a Texas business lawyer, because you’ll want to make sure that you meet  the requirements of the Texas Health Spa Act. Yes, that’s right. Most Texas boxing gyms must comply with the state’s Health Spa Act to protect gym members.

In addition, you may have to comply with the Texas biometrics law as well if you’re collecting biometric data from your gym visitors or members.

Of course, an experienced business attorney could help make sure you’ve taken the right steps as you set up your Texas boxing gym.