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When Should Your Texas Gym Get A Waiver & Release Of Liability Signed?

By Business Contracts, Business Lawyer

Many Texas gym owners mistakenly believe that it’s unimportant when a Waiver & Release of Liability form is signed as long as eventually it gets done.

However, that’s simply not the case if you want to prevent expensive and time-consuming lawsuits.

Before a guest or member uses your facilities, he should sign a waiver and release.

What if the guest or member is under the age of 18? You’ll want a parent or legal guardian to sign the waiver and release on behalf of the child.

Don’t jeopardize your Texas gym by procrastinating on this issue. Because you don’t want to get financially destroyed in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit by someone who didn’t assume the risks of working out in your gym.

Of course, there are other things you should do to reduce your liability exposure. This includes complying with the state’s health spa act and biometrics law.

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