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Web Lawyer: If 73,000 blogs fall in cyberspace, do they make a sound?

By Internet Lawyer

Web lawyer was a place you could set up a blog for free.

Unfortunately, for 73,000 bloggers, that “free” disappeared on July 9 when Blogetry’s web host closed every blog. The reason? Although the details are still murky, it seems that the U.S. government stepped in and forced the closure.

As both a blogger and a Web lawyer, I find it scary to think of the government shutting down so many blogs at once. Some believe the shutdown was because some blogs were illegally sharing copyrighted content. That remains to be seen.

What is clear is that there is no free lunch.

If you have a blog, consider using paid hosting with your own domain rather than using some free hosting service. Make regular backups so you can port the blog elsewhere in case of a shutdown.

And make sure your domain name is registered somewhere different than your hosting company. If your domain registrar and host are the same, you’ll catch hell trying to point the domain name to a new host when setting up your blog at a new location.

To your online success!

-Mike the Web lawyer

P.S. My Website Legal Forms Generator software creates a DMCA notice so that anyone who thinks you have illegally copyrighted materials has all the information they need to deal with you directly rather than going straight to your web host or the government.

Does Your Web Host Support Killing You?

By Internet Lawyer

Is it true that a capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him?

That question now hits cyberspace with a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute. According to MEMRI, RealWebHost is hosting on servers in Texas an Islamist site, Alhesbah Forum, which has apparently posted a report titled “The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans.”
MEMRI states that if negotiations fail, the guide recommends hanging or poisoning the hostages in order to (a) prevent an honorable death and (b) avoid those messy bloodstains. Who knew there was terrorist etiquette? Perhaps they’re trying to save money on carpet cleaning.

According to the Free Muslims Coalition, Alhesbah posted a Muslim loyalty oath two years ago to Al-Qaeda leaders that included Osama bin Laden.
Before some idiot starts screaming “First Amendment,” let me point out that I’m not trying to censor speech.

However, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.
There are many businesses online who refuse to share server space with pornography sites.

How many of these same Internet marketers would object to sharing space with a jihadist site that advocates kidnapping and killing Americans?

Have you forgotten 9/11?