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Starbucks Pike Place Seattle

By Internet Lawyer
internet-attorney-visits-seattleAs an Internet attorney and fellow online entrepreneur, I try to find cool places for website business owners to go to when they’re traveling.
In Seattle, I had hoped to find that Starbucks Pike Place, the first Starbucks, would be a cool place to visit and use a laptop to work with Wi-Fi while getting a caffeine fix. You can find the location at the Pike Place Market.
Yes, the Pike Place Starbucks is a nice place to visit. As you can see from the photos, there are some great views and the place is packed.


pike place seattle starbucks
pick place starbucks
starbucks-pike-placeUnfortunately, the Starbucks at Pike Place isn’t the coffee shop for you to work on your laptop or iPad for that matter. There wasn’t enough room to use my BlackBerry to blog, let alone space for setting up a computer or tablet pc. It was standing room only filled with tourists.
There are, however, other coffee shops just a few blocks away where you can do your work. And if you want a nice seafood lunch, I recommend stopping by the nearby Seatown Snack Bar (just north of the Pike Place Market). Good food and great service by friendly people.
During the next several days of work/travel, I’ll take breaks from Internet attorney stuff to post more info on places you and other website entrepreneurs might find interesting to visit.
To your online success!

Website Legal Forms Generator Software: How to Protect Your Website

By Website Lawyer, Website Legal Documents

website legal formsUnfortunately, some website business owners simply can’t afford to hire an Internet lawyer but they do need legal protections for their websites. This problem has now been solved by the creation of the Website Legal Forms Generator software.

Based on U.S. federal Internet law, the software generates 7 quality website legal forms (including Terms and Conditions of Use and a Privacy Policy) in just 17 minutes or less.

Do I recommend this product? Of course. I created it.

It is a substitute for professional legal advice? Of course not. But if you can’t afford a lawyer, it’s the next best thing. And you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily it is to generate the forms.

There’s a special introductory offer that will disappear as soon as there’s enough client feedback and testimonials. So you’ll want to go to right now to learn more.