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Tellman Knudson and the Brattleboro Nudists

By May 19, 2007July 16th, 2007Internet Lawyer

Home to famed Internet marketer and list-builder Tellman Knudson, Brattleboro (Vermont) has been hit with a scourge of springtime public nudity. There is apparently no state law or municipal ordinance banning public nudity.

Nudists could pop up anywhere…I am concerned we don’t know where they are going to strike.” – Reverend Kevin Horion

Knowing Tellman’s penchant for making hometown marketing videos to post on Google Video, let’s hope that he’s filming in areas that don’t have naked Britney Spears wannabes. Just because something is legal in your city and state doesn’t get you off the hook if you post it on the Internet.
Hat tip to the Associated Press: Spring Brings Nudity to Vermont Town.
Mike Young, Esq.

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