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Texas Gym Personal Trainer Agreements: What Do You Need?

texas gym personal trainer agreementsThere are three common trainer agreements you should consider having when you own a Texas gym. Because the right agreements in place can prevent many lawsuits and reduce/eliminate your liability exposure if there is a lawsuit.

Texas Gym – Trainer Employment Agreement

Now if you’re going to treat your trainers as employees, there should be an employment agreement between your gym as the employer and each trainer who is an employee.

Gym – Personal Trainer Contractor Agreement

What if your trainers are not gym employees? Then there should be an independent contractor agreement between your gym and each trainer. Be careful not to disguise an employee as a contractor because you could end up owing the government back taxes and penalties.

Trainer – Gym Member Contract

Naturally, the third agreement is between the trainer and each gym member who retains the trainer’s services. This is used where the trainer is providing personal training services that are beyond the scope of the Texas gym membership agreement between your gym and the member.

Of course, gyms often don’t need all three types of trainer agreements. If you need help deciding which ones are necessary for your Texas gym, or complying with the Texas Health Spa Act, schedule a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young today.

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