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Texas Pickleball Membership Agreements: What You Need To Know

If you own a Texas pickleball club that sells memberships, you’ll want to make sure you comply with state law.

For example, if your membership contracts violate the Texas Health Spa Act, they’re void, i.e. you can’t enforce them when seeking payment from the members who signed them.

There’s also the state’s biometrics law. If you collect biometric data (e.g., fingerprint scans), you’ll want to make sure you comply with this law too.

Now don’t assume you’re not collecting this type of data if not done on site. Because some membership scheduling and payment mobile apps used by facilities do collect it.

Of course your Texas pickleball membership agreements should be complemented with other legal docs designed to protect you while enabling you to grow your business. For example, you’ll want waivers and releases signed by members and guests.

And you’ll want a media release so that you can market your pickleball club using video and photos taken of members and guests.

If you need help ensuring your Texas pickleball membership club complies with state law, schedule a phone consultation with Business Lawyer Mike Young. He represents Texas pickleball clubs and pickleball-related websites.

Mike Young, Esq.

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