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Veto Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill HB 2403

texas internet sales tax

Socialists Pass Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill

Socialist Senators Pass Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill HB 2403

The spineless Senators down in Austin just joined their House counterparts in giving the middle finger to e-commerce in the State of Texas by passing a Texas Internet sales tax bill (HB 2403). It’s unlikely that Texas Governor Rick Perry will veto the bill unless he’s looking to buck up his conservative credentials for a 2012 presidential run.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in Defeat Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill HB 2403, this has nothing to do with protecting Main Street businesses or fairness. The driving motivator is a bunch of tax-and-spend politicians who won’t cut spending instead of hiking taxes.

They’re under some delusion that raising taxes on business, particularly in a recession, is somehow going to be good for Texas.

Legislature Ignores Separate Business Entities When Passing Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill

The fig leaf argument these socialists use for robbing businesses is that those to be taxed have a physical presence in the state. What’s left unsaid is that they’re ignoring hundreds of years of business law by rejecting the concept of separate business entities.

If, for example, a California parent company has a subsidiary with a distribution center in Dallas, the Texas Internet sales tax could be imposed on the parent. In other words, the State of Texas will ignore the subsidiary’s separate existence as an entity in order to loot the pockets of the foreign parent company.

Vote Against Every Politician Responsible For Texas Internet Sales Tax Bill HB 2403

These politicians deserve your contempt. And at the next election, vote against every one of the clowns who supported it. In an ideal world, there would be a Judge Roy Bean around to sentence them to tar and feathers and a one-way trip to some socialist state in Europe. Remember how every politician voted on this Texas Internet sales tax.

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