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Website Attorney: Using Farticles online to promote your business

By September 30, 2010Internet Lawyer

Website attorney farticlesHave you ever read an article online that described a product, its benefits and features, and you decided to buy based upon what you read? As a Website attorney, I review these all of the time.

In most cases, this is just a variation of the same type of advertorials car dealers pay to have placed in the auto section of your local newspaper. Real estate developers do the same thing in the housing section.

“Farticles” is a slang term for fake news articles. They’re laid out as if an unbiased story from a news reporter but are really sales copy.

There’s nothing wrong with using Farticles to promote your products or services if you do it the right way.

This means that in addition to writing effective sales copy, you also disclose that your Farticle is an advertorial. Newspapers do this by using the word “Advertisement” or similar language above the Farticle.

However, you can weave the disclosure into the sales copy. Talk with your Website attorney about how to do it. What’s important is to make a full disclosure so that the reader isn’t deceived into thinking your Farticle is an unbiased reporting of the facts.

To your online success!

-Mike the Website attorney

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Mike Young, Esq.

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