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Website Protection For People Who Want To Build Their Online Businesses, Safely, Surely

What is website protection?

Website protection is a general term that covers a wide variety of steps and measures that business owners need to take to ensure that their websites won’t subject them to legal action and that their website content and intellectual property is protected.
Website protection requires that business websites have certain policies on things like data protection and a set of terms of use for users/clients. Further, website owners need to make sure that they have a right to use all content they use or post on their websites and that their intellectual property rights in their own content are protected.

What is the value in obtaining website protection?

Website protection ensures that business owners can remain confident that their websites and the content on them are legally safe and secure, allowing them to focus their energy on running and growing their online businesses, not worrying about having to protect their websites.
Failure to have certain policies, for instance a privacy policy, can lead to clients not giving you their business out of fear as to who their personal data is handled. Lack of such policies can also lead to lawsuits, for instance if, god forbid, you have a data breach and clients data is stolen and misused, you can be liable for their damages if you do not have protections for your business in your policies or terms.
Failure to protect your intellectual property or to secure the right to use the intellectual property of others can be quite costly also. If you have not secured your intellectual rights then someone could come to your businesses’ website and steal your content and use it however they wish without paying you for the privilege. Alternatively if you use someone else’s content without securing the legal right to do so, even something as simple as a photo from a search engine, your business could be sued and subjected to heavy financial damages, something that is easily avoided by making sure upfront that you have a clear legal right to the content on your website.

How should your business go about getting website protection?

Business owners who want to ensure their websites are properly protected should have an experienced internet lawyer perform a legal checkup on their website to make sure their websites do not have any legal red-flags and to clear any that might be present.
Internet lawyer Mike Young has been working on internet legal matters, providing website protection guidance and the necessary legal guidance to business owners since the mid-nineties and he has a wealth of experience in the field of internet law. For help with your website protection needs, you will want to schedule a telephone appointment with Internet Lawyer Young today.

Mike Young, Esq.

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