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What the app war means to you

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Your Internet lawyer can help you with computer apps

This is something to talk about with your Internet lawyer if you’re dealing in computer applications or have trademark and service mark questions.

There’s an app war going on right now and how it turns out can affect what you’ll be able to do with your business online.

A few years ago, Apple applied for a registered trademark for the term “App Store.” When you hear the term “App Store,” you’re supposed to only think of iPhone, iPad, and iSteveJobs.

Microsoft and Amazon disagree with that meaning.

Apple is going after Amazon for using the term “App Store” to sell Google Android applications.

Microsoft is arguing that Apple can’t own the term because it is generic, i.e. the “App” is just slang for the generic term “application.”

If Microsoft and Amazon are correct, Apple can’t prevent anyone from using “App” anymore than it can stop you from using the generic term “store.”

But this is the type of Internet law issue that affects you when you do business online. Using a simple term that everyone uses online could actually get you hit with nastygrams from Apple’s attorneys. And if you get one, you’ll want to contact your Internet lawyer right away.

You can always reduce your risk of getting sued by taking simple steps to protect yourself and what you own.

To your online success!

-Mike the Internet lawyer

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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