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Will Hackers’ War Against Scientology Cult Succeed?

There are few modern cults that generate more controversy and ridicule than Scientology.

In fact, anonymous hackers have released a new video declaring war on the cult.

Whether you support the right of Scientology to exist as a religion or believe is should be crushed as a dangerous cult, the unique issue posed is the ability of dissenters to use the Internet to literally seek the destruction of a multibillion-dollar enterprise. New media is going beyond the power that traditional journalists have had to disseminate information in a way to achieve desired objectives. Perhaps more significantly, it is being done without hiding behind fictitious “objective reporting” claims. The goal — destruction of Scientology — is clearly stated.

For an excellent recap on the current activities of Scientology, check out Dave Lakhani’s analysis:

Tom Cruise, Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, Mass Influence and Andrew Morton

In fact, Lakhani’s analysis, written before the hackers released their video, raises an interesting possibility. If publicizing persecution is a way to attract members to a cult, this hacker video indirectly promotes Scientology. Could it be that Scientologists released it as a manipulative Internet marketing tool? Stay tuned.

Mike Young, Esq.

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