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Will Your Texas Gym Be Sued Because Of Missing Legal Documents?

I recently went to a gym for a trial workout. Although it was a great experience, the gym owner dropped the ball by not having me sign anything as a guest.

At a minimum, I should have been required to read and sign a liability waiver and release so that it would be almost impossible to successfully sue if I was injured as a gym guest.

Now if you’re a Texas gym owner, there’s even more paperwork you’ll want signed by your gym members. For example, you’ll want them to sign a contract that complies with the state’s health spa act and biometrics law.

Now there are some pretty stiff penalties for violating Texas law as a gym owner. This can include criminal prosecution and even having all of your gym membership contracts being declared void and unenforceable.

In short, it doesn’t take much to land in a briar patch if you don’t take the time to protect your Texas gym legally.

If you need help with your Texas gym legal documents for guests and members, it’s time to set up a phone consult with Attorney Mike Young.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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