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Write a Book to Generate Leads for Your Business Online

By February 10, 2015Internet Lawyer
write a book

Are you ready to grow your company by writing a book?

It’s time to write a book. Although it takes a little time, this sixth strategy is one of my favorite methods for growing a business online. I’ve written books both as an Internet lawyer and for some of the e-commerce companies that I co-own.

If you spend the first hour of every weekday writing, you can crank out a decent lead gen book for your products and services within a couple of months. Thanks to CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle, you’ll have both a print version and eBook available for prospects within three months.


Done correctly, a book positions you as the obvious go-to expert for what you offer.

Just be sure to include valuable content, at least one good offer, and a call-to-action in the book.

Some successful marketers drive traffic to their website for email opt-ins, complimentary memberships, and other resources repeatedly through the text, at the end of each chapter, and in ads at the front and back of the book.

The nature of what you offer and your target demographic will determine whether you hard sell or soft sell in the book.

As a practical matter, your book is in essence a 200-page sales letter on why qualified readers should do business with you and refer you to others who need your products and services.

However, it should not be a pitch fest. Remember to deliver valuable content – at least the “what” and some of the “how.” Do-it-yourself types will appreciate the ability to follow your advice. On the other hand, some readers will prefer to simply pay you as the expert after reading your book instead of wasting time as an amateur.

After the final draft of your book is written, you’ll want to protect what you created. This means registering a copyright for it and also making sure the book has the correct legal language inside it to protect you, including appropriate disclaimers and disclosures. Your Internet lawyer can help you with the right protection legalese and your copyright registration.

Mike Young, Esq.

Author Mike Young, Esq.

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