Software Development Agreement – Who Really Owns The Intellectual Property?

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Whether you’re a developer or a client, one of the most important things to cover in your software development agreement is who owns what intellectual property (IP) rights. Surprisingly, most developers and their clients either don’t know or having conflicting views on the subject. Imagine you’re a client that’s just…

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Software Developer Nondisclosure Agreement: 5 Issues to Cover

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If you’re developing an app, you can benefit from having a signed software developer nondisclosure agreement (NDA) when dealing with clients and competitors. For example, in a recent lawsuit, a software developer claimed that its rival engaged in misconduct, including breach of a nondisclosure agreement. The jury agreed and awarded…

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Telecom Corridor Lawyer: Richardson Texas Business Legal Help

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If your tech company is located in or near Richardson’s Telecom Corridor*, you need help from an experienced Telecom Corridor Lawyer. However, chances are the size of your business doesn’t justify hiring the same multinational law firms that are retained by AT&T, Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Cisco, Samsung, and other…

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Software Development Agreement: 10 Issues to Cover

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If you’re a software developer, you’ll want to protect yourself by having a customized software development agreement that’s designed specifically for your business. Why? If you “borrow” someone else’s contract to use with your clients, chances are you’re (a) not fully protecting yourself and (b) you’re committing copyright infringement because…

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10 Keys to a Successful International Software Distribution Agreement

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Whether you own software as the copyright owner or have distribution rights that you can delegate to others, you may want to increase sales by entering into an international software distribution agreement with one or more distributors in other countries. What to include in your international software distribution agreement Here…

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