Is Your Software Evaluation License Giving Away The Farm?

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Is Your Software Evaluation License Giving Away The Farm?Tom screwed up. He cut corners with his software evaluation license.

To save money, Tom used the same end user license agreement (EULA) issued to paying customers.

What’s the problem?

After the evaluation period, the license to use the software did not end.

Are you offering a demo “lite” version of your software to prospects? Or the full version of your application for a trial period? You’ll want to use a software agreement that protects your rights.

Get a software evaluation license prepared by an experienced software lawyer. If you need one, it’s time to talk with Attorney Mike Young.

Can Your Software Licensor Compete Against You?

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Can Your Software Licensor Compete Against You?When you pay to license an application, you don’t expect the software licensor to compete against you.

Yet that’s what happened in a case involving licensing of telecommunications software.

There was an issue of whether of the licensor had breached the licensing agreement. Or could the licensor be liable under tort law for interference instead.

Now the lesson to learn is that your licensing agreement should be clear about what you can and cannot do.

If you’re a software licensee, you may want to bar the licensor from poaching your customers.

And on the flip side…

If you’re the licensor, you may carve out the ability to tap the same markets as your software licensees,

Of course, you’ll want to have an experienced software lawyer prepare the license.

If you need a software agreement or want one revised, it’s time to talk with Attorney Mike Young.

Do You Make This Software Beta Testing Mistake?

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software beta testing license developmentDan developed a financial planning application. He gave copies to friends without a beta testing license.

However, bootleg copies of the software leaked out during testing.

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When Dan began to sell the app to the public, he had competitors who had ripped off and re-branded his beta versions.

Now what Dan should have done is have a beta testing agreement in place. That’s a license to protect Dan’s intellectual property during and after testing.

Don’t have a software agreement to protect your application? It’s time to talk with Software Lawyer Mike Young.

The Ugly Truth About Software Development

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software developmentMark paid to have a software application developed.

Yet neither Mark nor his developer knew who owned the code. Because the software development agreement didn’t make it clear.

Of course, Mark didn’t know his legal rights. Could he sell the app?

Could the developer recycle the code for other projects?

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Are you an app developer?

Or do you pay others to develop software?

You need software agreements that identify and protect your rights.

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Don’t have an app development agreement? Or do you need an existing agreement reviewed by an experienced software lawyer?

You’ll want to talk with Attorney Mike Young.

Common Belief About Software Development Is Actually A Total Myth

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software development contractWhether you’re a developer or a business owner who pays developers for software applications, it’s commonly believed there’s a standard software development contract.

Here’s the thing…

You can get an experienced software lawyer to create an agreement to fit your unique needs.

However, there’s not a uniform agreement that applies across the board to app development.


Because there are too many variables at play.

For example, you’ll want a software development agreement to favor you on certain key terms. These include payment terms, code ownership, maintenance, choice of law, dispute settlement, etc.

Plus your agreement will contain different terms if it’s for a single app than if it’s for multiple app dev projects over a period of time.

Anyway, if you don’t have a software development contract you can trust to get you what you want, it’s time to learn about our Software Development Legal Protection Package.