What Do You Own When You Buy A Website?

What Do You Own When You Buy A WebsitePaul borrowed against his 401k account to buy a website that sold accounting software.

But after the deal closed, Paul had no idea what he owned. Because he didn’t get the right website legal protection.

Common Website Ownership Issues

In fact, Paul received an email from a stock photo agency demanding $5,000.

Why? Because the seller had been posting images on the site without licensing the right to use them.

Then it got worse…

Paul discovered the accounting app sold on his site was a re-branded version of someone else’s application.

  • He didn’t know if he had the legal right to sell the software.
  • And if he did, there were hundreds of competitors selling the same application.

When you buy a site, it’s important to know what you’re purchasing. Otherwise, you’ll overpay.

In some cases, you’re buying a headache…or even a lawsuit!

Where To Get Help When You Buy A Website

An experienced Website Lawyer can help you avoid these problems before you buy a site.

Now if you’re thinking about purchasing a site, it’s time to talk with Internet Attorney Mike Young.

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