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Website Legal Protection

website legal protectionWhat Is Website Legal Protection?

Although it will vary based upon your unique business needs, website legal protection typically covers at least two of the following professional legal services:

  • A Professional Website Legal Review;
  • Website Legal Documents; and
  • Website-related Contracts.

1. Website Legal Compliance Review

A website legal compliance review performed by an experienced Internet lawyer is the key to identifying legal issues and fixing them before they cause lawsuits or government investigations.

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2. Website Legal Documents

Website legal documents govern the use of your website by visitors and paying customers. They contain key disclosures and disclaimers plus identify the respective rights and responsibilities of the business website owner and those who use the site. Common site legal documents include:

  • privacy policy;
  • terms and conditions;
  • terms of use;
  • terms of service;
  • returns policy;
  • refund policy;
  • DMCA Notice;
  • spam policy;
  • external links policy;
  • membership agreement;
  • contest rules;
  • affiliate disclosure;
  • affiliate program agreement;

…and other legal documents used to protect a business online. These documents typically address the respective rights and responsibilities of the business website owner, website visitors, customers, and affiliates. Almost all websites require at least two of these documents at a minimum to protect the site owner and decrease the likelihood of being sued by a customer or investigated by the government.

3. Website Contracts.

In addition to the website legal documents directly posted on a business site, there are also website-related contracts, including website design agreements, search engine marketing agreements, and social media policies.

If you decide to buy or sell an Internet business, chances are you’ll need professionally prepared website agreements and related documents to handle the transfer of the venture’s equity or assets between seller and purchaser.

How do you get website legal protection?

If you need a professional website legal review, email us and we’ll tell you the next steps to getting one performed by Attorney Young.

There’s also a flat fee Website Protection Package that includes a website review and website legal documents.

Not sure what you need? Set up a telephone consultation with Attorney Young.